Living Spiritually

What Does Living Spiritually Mean to You?

Oprah has brought spirituality into the public domain with her program Super Soul Sunday on the OWN network.*  All different guests from all walks of life talk about their personal understanding or experience of spirituality, God, soul, life purpose and more.

Check out the one-page Super Soul Sunday handout titled Soul to Soul Q&A.**  It has eight questions formatted as cards to cut out, shuffle, and select for a deeper, soul inspired conversation with yourself and others.

One of the questions is especially relevant to this Wisdom of the Feminine theme, Living Spiritually.*** It asks, “Have you always considered yourself a spiritual person?  Or did you have an ‘aha!’ moment when you recognized your connection to something bigger than yourself?”  (Super Soul Sunday: Soul to Soul Q & A).  That’s another way to look at what living spiritually means to you.

Questions for Circle Discussion:

How do you define spirituality?
How do you experience spirituality in your life?

As Oprah demonstrates with her interviews, no one definition is right; no one person has the answer.  Instead, each person searches for the answers through her personal life experience.  What you come to believe through your life’s journey is the truth as you know it.  Sharing your truth offers a more inclusive look at what living spiritually can mean.

To get the most from your Circle gathering, read the Circle Guidelines.

*Super Soul Sunday:

**Super Soul Sunday: Soul to Soul Q & A: 

***The chapter references for this Wisdom of the Feminine theme are from  The ABC Path toward True Wisdom: A Woman’s Guide to Trusting What She Knows in Her Heart Is True,  “Divining Direction” p.37-40, “Locating Landmarks” p. 79-81, and “Ultimate Union” p. 133-136.

Permission to reproduce this post in it’s entirety is granted for use in privately hosted women’s circles and non-profit programs only.

For use in for-profit women’s circles and programs, written permission is required to reproduce any portion of this post.

©2019 Teresa Lampmann

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