Mystical Moments Happen!

How do you define Mystical Moments?

One of the things I have experienced in talking with women about their spiritual journey is that they have had experiences that defy logical explanations, that are difficult to put into words, that convey more is going on than meets the eye.  When women are in a safe environment to share their personal stories, more of these unexplained but spiritually sustaining moments are shared.

Attuning to what we truly desire, what we know in our hearts is the direction we are to take even if it seems impossible, invites divine participation.  When we take steps to move in that direction, truly believing in divine help, synchronistic events align to support us and we witness those miracles that make the impossible, possible.    The ABC Path toward True Wisdom, p.134.

When has this proven true for you?

Questions for Circle Discussion

How do you define mystical moments?

When have you felt there were unseen positive forces working on your behalf?

When has something happened in your life that you knew was more than a coincidence?

To get the most from your Circle gathering, read the Circle Guidelines.

*The chapter reference for this Wisdom of the Feminine theme is from  The ABC Path toward True Wisdom: A Woman’s Guide to Trusting What She Knows in Her Heart Is True, Ultimate Union, p. 133-137.

Permission to reproduce this post in its entirety is granted for use in privately hosted women’s circles and non-profit programs only.

For use in for-profit women’s circles and programs, written permission is required to reproduce any portion of this post.

©2019 Teresa Lampmann

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