How Do You Stop Imagined Fears?

How Do You Stop Limiting Fears and Self-Doubts?

We come into this world with an innocence and spontaneity that is expressed without censure or inhibitions.  Growing up with countless reprimands and corrections, we become cautious in expressing our true selves.  For women this is especially true in a culture where the accepted norm is based on the male model of experience.  (p. 163) *

The challenge for women in today’s world is to fully experience our authentic selves as the mysterious, creative, intuitive, and spirited feminine expressions of life that we are. That’s a tall order when we have been conditioned through our culture to under value many of our feminine attributes. When we allow these judgmental thoughts to stall our natural, creative, insightful impulses, we suffer in body, mind and spirit.

So how do we regain a comfort level with who we truly are and what we truly want as women?  How do we bypass the self-doubts programmed into our memory since birth?  How do we retrain our imagination to focus on what we can do, not what we have been told we can’t?  How do we quiet our inner critic?

Questions for Circle Discussion:

  1.  Our fears and self-doubts can flood our imagination with limitless ways we can fail or be hurt.  How do you stop the deluge of self-doubts and redirect your thoughts to support your unique, one of a kind, distinctive expression of your true self?
  2.  Fears based in reality need to be respected and addressed.  Fears based on imaginative outcomes need to be stopped.  When have you recognized irrational fears and faced them head on?  What was the outcome?
  3.  Where is your heart calling you to stop your self-doubts and pursue your truth today?

To get the most from your Circle gathering, read the Circle Guidelines.

*The chapter reference for this Wisdom of the Feminine theme is from  The ABC Path toward True Wisdom: A Woman’s Guide to Trusting What She Knows in Her Heart Is True, Zapping Zone, p. 163-167.

Permission to reproduce this post in its entirety is granted for use in privately hosted women’s circles and non-profit programs only.

For use in for-profit women’s circles and programs, written permission is required to reproduce any portion of this post.

©2020 Teresa Lampmann

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