What’s Showing Up for You in 2021?

No New Year’s Resolutions This Year!

It’s been almost a year since this pandemic began and completely changed the landscape of our lives. For many of us the challenge became learning how to “be in the moment” because nothing could be planned. Schedules went out the window, “to do” lists became irrelevant, and we learned to wake up each morning to greet whatever was presenting.

That is a significant shift in daily living for those of us who excel in planning, organizing, and managing our day-to-day activities to accomplish life goals! In other words, for those of us who thought we had everything in our lives under control, we woke up to a world out of control, or more to the point, beyond our control. With nearly a year in practicing the art of “being in the moment”, unable to anticipate what’s coming next, creating New Year’s resolutions seemed pointless.

On the flip side, being in the moment offers the opportunity to observe what shows up, what presents, and choose how you want to respond to that. Rather than mapping out a plan for where you want your life to go, you can respond to what presents by listening to what’s in your heart for direction.

“When we let go of control and trust Divine Wisdom to guide our journey, we find our way home to our true self.” (The ABC Path toward True Wisdom, P. 61).*

Stop, Look, and Listen to What’s in Your Heart

Paying attention to what’s in your heart involves intentionally taking time to sit quietly, still your mind chatter, and listen for the wisdom of your heart to guide you.

  • This can be done at the start of your day to set the intention to notice what is presenting that truly needs your attention, tuning into what your heart signals is meaningful.
  • It can be done any time something presents during the day that is challenging you, tuning into your heart for a compassionate response that heals rather than hurts.
  • And, it can be done in the evening at the close of the day, tuning into the deeper wisdom of a situation that had a strong affect on you.

What Presented Itself to You This January?

In place of 2021 New Year’s resolutions, let’s be present to what presented itself during the first month of this year. In preparation for Circle discussion, take a few minutes to sit quietly in a comfy space. Perhaps light a candle to indicate your intention to listen to the wisdom of your sacred heart, that place centered deep within your being that speaks from your soul. Reflect on the events in your life this past month and identify the ones that had a strong affect on you. In other words, what “showed up” at the start of this year and what does it offer as a new solution, or re-solution, for the coming year?

Questions for Circle Discussion

  1. What new or impactful experience showed up in your life this January? What affect did it have on you?
  2. What new path or direction does this offer you? Or, how does it support or enhance your current path?
  3. How does what showed up connect with a desire you carry in your heart?

To get the most from your Circle gathering, read the Circle Guidelines.

*Lampmann, Teresa.  The ABC Path toward True Wisdom: A Woman’s Guide to Trusting What She Knows in Her Heart Is True, Balboa Press, 2017. “Heading Home”, p. 57-61.

Permission to reproduce this post in its entirety is granted for use in privately hosted women’s circles and non-profit programs only.

For use in for-profit women’s circles and programs, written permission is required to reproduce any portion of this post.

©2021 Teresa Lampmann

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