Creating Art for a Conversation with the Divine  

In the mid 90’s I entered spiritual direction and my first spiritual director was a gifted artist. She suggested I look through my journals for any sketches I may have created to illustrate, rather than describe, a situation I was recording.  She invited me to bring a few to our direction sessions to explore the presence of the divine in the sketches.

Through her guidance I learned to see my sketches as a medium for the voice of the divine.  She directed my attention to my choice of color, use of space, and any random marks or “mistakes” that may suggest something more.  It was surprising to see how much was conveyed beyond the sketched image.  By approaching the drawings this way, they not only became a venue for divine guidance, they also served as a diary of my conversations with the divine.

The problem for me was that I’m not an artist, so I don’t really draw.  And yet, even my pitiful sketches opened conversations with a deep wisdom that was transforming my life and relationships.  So, I developed my own process for creating images that required no artistic talent – a free form of drawing accomplished with my eyes closed that removed the pressure to draw something that “looked good”.  In the chapter, “Timeless Treasures” in my book, The ABC Path Toward True Wisdom, I describe this in detail and provide the 7-step process to do it yourself.*

This spiritual practice invited conversations with the divine and led me on a path that opened my heart to listen to my soul.  A conversation is a two-way dialogue. The key step is in assuming the divine is speaking to you through the art you create, and taking the time to sit with it to “listen”.

My Free Form Drawing Process

How do you create images if you are not an artist?  This worked for me. 

Start simply with these supplies:

  • A colored drawing tool – colored pencil, colored pen, colored marker, etc.
  • A piece of plain white paper on which to draw – printer copy paper will work
  • A work space for drawing
  1. Create a welcoming environment for a conversation with the divine.  That means still your mind chatter and center in your heart with a sense of welcome for the divine – your Higher Self, Deep Mystery, Higher Consciousness, God, or whatever term you use.
  2. Next, consider an issue of concern that needs insight and form a question that invites divine guidance (not a yes or no response, but direction or wisdom).
  3. As you focus on your question, hold your colored drawing tool in your hand and place the point anywhere on your paper. Close your eyes and use your arm to move your hand across the paper in whatever direction you want.  Simply begin to move your arm pushing the point across the paper. Allow the rhythm and pace of the movement of your arm to change in response to what you are feeling as you focus on the issue—vigorous bold strokes, slow and steady flowing swirls, or whatever movement is in tandem with the energy stirring in you. Give yourself time and room to draw freely for as long as it takes.
  4. When you have finished, place the work in front of you and gaze at the image.  Looking at your drawing, identify an area that attracts your attention, stirs something in you, or invites you to look more closely. You can turn your paper around to see if something stands out from a different angle. Gaze into the area that captured your interest for a few minutes to see if an image emerges, something you could outline. Draw along the lines that form the image so it stands out.
  5. Sit back, relax, and take in what surfaced, or the full page. Listen to what’s stirring in you. Record whatever surfaces on the back of the paper.  Where do you see a connection with the issue you raised? If there is no connection with the question you posed, is there a connection with something else going on in your life? Sometimes the divine is addressing an issue that needs attention more than the concern you raised.
  6. Look at the drawing and give it a title. Date this picture and sign it.
  7. Close with a prayer of thanks for divine participation in your life.

Questions for Circle Discussion

To offer this for your circle gathering, you can invite the women to create their drawing before coming to Circle, or you can make it something you do together in Circle.  It is helpful to let them know they will not need to show their art work (unless they want to) because the discussion questions are about the process.  This removes any pressure on achieving “success” and frees them to go with the flow.

  1. What was this process like for you?
  2. What was your first impression when you opened your eyes and looked at your work? What area makes you curious?
  3. What do you notice about the movement of energy captured on your paper?


*Lampmann, Teresa.  “Timeless Treasures.” The ABC Path Toward True Wisdom: A woman’s Guide to Trusting What She Knows in Her Heart is True. Balboa Press, A Division of Hay House, 2017. P 127-131.

Photo by Ramakant Sharda on Unsplash

© 2021 Teresa Lampmann

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